Monday, December 17, 2007

The Final Santa Show - Unless

As I promised, this is the last of the Santa stuff, but I wanted you to see my buddies.

This is Brie and Gabby. They are, like all my animals, rescue dogs. Brie, the white one, is a Great Pyrenees/Golden Lab mix (around 110lbs.) Dr. Amber called us to say that the mother and her 3 brothers and sisters were going to be adopted. All but one. She didn’t care which one we chose, but do it that day because a rescue organization who place them was going to pick up the others. When we got there Brie walked over and sat down on Sweet Tea’s foot and would not get up. She chose us. Gabby, a Chocolate Lab (90 lbs.), had been left chained to a tree with 10 puppies. The owners had moved away. She had scars from fighting something, and was heart worm positive. We worked with her and she’s fine now.


These two are Nancy and Jo Jo. Nancy is a boy and Jo is a girl. The original owner couldn’t tell the difference and though he was a she – thus Nancy. Jo was tied with a rope outside Pet Smart and abandoned. Becasue she was so scared and abused, no one could get near her. Except Sweet Tea, who just happened to be there dropping off lunch to Amber and her rescue workers. The same thing happened to me when I met her. She's that kind of woman. So we brought Jo home. When Dr. Amber said she would keep the dogs at her place until we could get the house sold, Nancy ran up to greet Jo and they have been inseparable BBFs ever since. So I guess I inherited a new pet.


I will be leaving tomorrow night after J-Man’s band recital to deliver 32 puppies to West Palm and Boca Raton, Florida. I’ll start around midnight and try to make it a turnaround trip (without stopping at a motel,) some twenty hours. Just depends on how I feel, the traffic, and those cell phone drivers.


Then, either Friday or Saturday, I will be driving up to Goshin, Indiana to pick up a dog that Dr. Amber adopted out about two years ago. It became separated from the owner and a kind lady found the dog and took it to the vet. The vet found the chip in the dogs neck. She got the information and called Dr. Amber to let her know she had the dog. Dr. A called the owner of record who said they didn’t want the dog. So someone has to pick it up. She was going to drive up, but with the snow and shit up that way, I told her I would do it.

So my week will be pretty full, but the good thing is, you won’t have to put up with my shit for a few days. I can hear the yelling and whistling from here. But I promise to return with a vengeance. Besides, I have to tell you about Grannydot. Let’s just say two or three days on the road without the whining and complaining will be heaven.

I might try to tell you tomorrow before I leave – or not. Be good, folks. I do have a couple of pictures of two pugs that visited Santa for Marni and Lori. But Lori is have some problems with her Pugsley, and I don't want to maker feel any worse than she already does. So, when she says it's oaky, I'll let you see the two pugs. THEN it will be all the Santa pictures. Except maybe the one where I had to get on the floor for my Play Girl pose because the dog would not let anyone pick it up.

Later, Gator!
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Olly said...

Oh you are such a softy lovin all those cute doggies.

I would love to have a dog as well, but for the moment we are enjoying the freedom of being "cat people". You know - put down masses of food, water and clean litter box and say "be good kitty - see you in a day or two".

I don't know if our cat would tolerate a dog anymore. He's kinda stuck in his ways. But if I had my way? I'd have a chihuahua. I had one as a kid. The are a little dog with BIG dog attitude. Certainly give the cat a run for it's money!

coffeypot said...

olly, I had a baby chihuahua have it's picture made with me last Saturday. It set in the palm of my hand. I just held my hand out and he set right in it like he knew what he was doing. No shivering or anything. It was as cute as me, with less wrinkles.

Burfica said...

seeee you talk tough, but I got your number. hehehehe

My mother loved animals, said they were better than humans. She was so right. I love them too. Since I can't have any more kids, I have lots of pets. All rescued animals of course.

Ever heard of BEst Friends animal sanctuary?? I live close to that.

HoosierGirl5 said...

You're coming to Indiana? THIS weekend? Holy shit, you're gonna drive right. through. here.

Wanna take me to lunch at Hooters?


coffeypot said...

burfica, good for you. I don't know were Best Friends is located, I think it may be a little too far West for me, but I will look it up.

hootergirl, give me an email with a contact number and I will call you when I get close. Maybe Steven will be in and can go with us. I would like to meet him, too.

Jim Latchford said...

Too bad you can't wait until Christmas Eve to make your could catch a ride with the "real" Santa and not only save all of that driving, but do it all in one night! No snow down his way, just much cooler temperatures. Please drive safely.

Marni said...

Brie is my favorite gal. I swear if we had room she would be living me US!!!!!

Marni said...

That was supposed to be "living WITH us"

coffeypot said...

Jim, thanks! I will put my audio book in the cd and put the car on cruse and chill till I get to Florida. If I had my way, I would put them in a box and UPS them down.

Marni, Brie is my baby. You can have Jo. :-P

clew said...

I always say, if you have a heart for animals, you must be a good person - and if you don't, there's just something wrong with your wiring.

Look at those faces. ANGELS, all of them :). They can be a pain in the ass, but they're sooooo great. Sweet, sweet babies. :)

God bless you, Coffeypot. I'm glad we're blogfriends :)

clew said...

P.S. I (re)posted something in honor of you :D

katy said...

you are wonderful and so is Sweet Tea and of course Dr Amber. all animals deserve happiness and you have given some dogs some true love an happiness. safe trip missing you already x

coffeypot said...

Clew and Katy, you guys have me all wrong. How do you explain my jovial mood all the time? I come in and kick and beat the dogs to let off steam. When they here my truck pull into the driveway, they crawl under the carpet to hide. Can’t you tell by the picture how they are abused?

And as for Chaplin, my cat, I have a felt target on the wall that I throw him against. Kind of like darts! Where ever he grabs hold is the amount of points earned.

Hot Lemon said...

a twenty hour roadtrip? Jay-suss, you're crazier than *I* am, an' dat be sayin' somethin'!!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Roaring with laughter here! LOL! ROTFLOL! I am not sure why such a sweet loving story should make me smile and laugh so much, but it did. You do good work! YAY!

Back in the old days, I would offer to take some dogs--I always had a lot of them and many were abandoned ones. But my situation has changed for the better and the worst and I can't have any right now. WAHN!

I am so glad you are doing the work that you're doing. KUDOS to you and Dr. Amber and Sweet Tea and the LOT of you!

He I am jealous of your being a wolf! No fair.

If I could take a dog, I'd take any kind that would be nice. I've had both large and small dogs and each has its pluses and minuses. BUt I love them all.

Have a SAFE trip.

Cooper Green said...

Enjoy the time, John, I hope you like driving almost as much as you like dogs.

clew said...

Dont bullshit a bullshitter, you big softie.


Safe travels ~

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Those dogs look like lovers now. My abused abandoned dog turned into a sweetie and so smart.

GrizzBabe said...

Brie looks like she could eat you out of house and home but you'd let her because she's so damned cute!

Stay safe in all your travels!

Can't wait to hear the Grannydot stories. I knew there would be some.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm a Hoosier too, you know!

Love this post. I read it to Willi this morning. He couldn't believe you were making a trip to Florida and then to Goshen. That's dedication.

And I love the sign. I think they should be posted everywhere.

Pamela said...

people who abandon pets need to be whooped.

Beth said...

What cute dogs! And one helluva hawt Santa.

Ewwww. Did I just say that about my uncle? I am a Southerner, aren't I?

Heidi the Hick said...

Dogs are so breaks my heart when people mistreat them.

Have fun on the road. Seriously, hope you're having a good trip. I-75? I've been down that road.

Do you ever let that Big Dog ride shotgun?

coffeypot said...

grizzbabe, both of my dawgs are full figure babes. But I only feed them a cup and a half of dog food each day. The rest they scavenge off the counter (a loaf of bread, any cookies left out, or any food in the garbage. I don’t really need a garbage disposal. I have the girls.

gawilli, I have been known to do it before. It is just driving. All I have to do in keep the shiny side facing up and the greasy side down and the whole thing between the whit lines. The traffic is another post altogether.

pamela, I’ll hold’em and you pole’em.

beth, I am a hawt Santa. If you could have seen how my t-shirt was sticking to my tired old body, you would know how true the statement really is. And the top of my head? OMG, with the beard, the wig and the hat, it itched like crazy. If anyone had scratched my head real fast and heavy, my leg would be pumping just like a dog’s when you scratch its belly.

heidi, she can ride shot-gun if she feels like it. She will go from front to back and return (if we are in the car because of the bucket seats, but not the truck. No opening.) But she will try to ride in my lap, too, and that is like a cartoon show with me trying to drive and push her off me hollering “get off” and “no” while slapping at her, trying to look over her back to see where I’m going. I can’t stop because she is on my legs and I can’t get my feet off the gas. But then females have been doing that to me for years.

kittenpower said...

my cat henry, he chose me too. I sat in the middle of 7 cats and waited for the one that came up to me and showed interest. we've been together ever since!

I love that you rescue pets!

RWA said...

Great pictures, coffeypot. Be careful out there on the road this weekend with your journeys.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I couldn't access this all day until I got on the mac. Are you on the road? Hope you're safe and having fun!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

one problem with your being on the road is I don't get my daily laugh.