Tuesday, September 30, 2008

J-Man Is Growing Up To Be Like Me


My grandson, J-Man, is growing up; but not just growing, but taking after his Paw Paw (me). We were heading to the North Georgia Fair last Friday and he ask me, “Paw Paw (that’s me, ya know) you know what’s 40 feet long and smells like pee?”

“A safety rope in a water treatment plant.” I answer.


“Never mind! What’s 40 feet long and smells like pee?”

“A line-dance in the old folks home.”

It’s really hard to drive with tears in your eyes and laughing so hard you have trouble keeping the car on the road. I’m so proud of him. But knowing me and his mom and dad, he didn’t stand a chance of being serious. It’s in his jeans. And I think the horns on his head are very appropriate, too.
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e.Craig Crawford said...

I can't imagine how you could be any prouder.

Marni said...

that's my boy!

SuvvyGirl said...

You have much to be proud of!! By the way, I changed the color on my post, you should be able to read it now without fear of going bling. :)

coffeypot said...

e.c. I have so much to be proud of with him and his sister besides their since of humor.

marni, that he is.

suvvygirl, yes I do. And thank you for helping an old man out.

Olly said...

Ah...A chip of the old block! And no, I'm not calling you old;)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Ha ha ha, very funny and very cute picture.

I tagged you for a little four meme on No Polar. If you have the energy for yet one more meme. (They can be tiresome. It's not too long.

Burfica said...

dammit blogger ate my comment!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I said, my son had to learn to be a smart ass or drown in the onslaught.

Our whole family is that way.

Anonymous said...

Ah,...excuse me, but your grandson is a genius!!!
Line dancing "nazi's" put me into bankruptsy,....go team!! They would not drink, for fear of missing a step, and utilized MY Country Western Dance Club as thier "home".
Put me into Chapter 7 business ans personally, thank you C&W fans, for all your support and help, so where you gonna dance now? Weddings and Bar Mitzah's?
Am I bitter?,.....hell no, that was a million dollars of my own money shot to hell,...thanks again!!
Mr. Guinness

Tookie Tail said...

LOL Love the joke! I bet you are proud!!