Friday, November 28, 2008

They Are Taking Advantage Of Me


I’ve been found out. My reputation goes before me.

A lady from Denver, CO, called from a nationwide organization call Saving Shelter Pets and asked me to make a run to Corinth, NY, this weekend. I guess the Viet Nam and Chinese restaurants are running low on meat up that way so I agreed to help them out.

I have to go up to Chatsworth, GA, to meet the shelter people and load up with 24 puppies and 3 adult dogs, then head over to I-75 North into TN. Then through VA, WVA, Maryland, PA into NY. Nine hundred and thirty five miles – fifteen hours one way. I’ll drop them off and head on back. I’ll be back Sunday afternoon. Made my weekend! Yippy!

Then on Dec. 9th I head back up there for Dr. Amber. I'm turning into a true nomad.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and that you ate up everything so that there’s no leftovers. Yeah, right!

If the Good Lord is willing, I’ll get back with y’all Sunday.

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Olly said...

Safe journey!

RWA said...

Hope you have a safe trip.

Brother Dave said...

The Vietnamese and Chinese hafta eat too.

Anonymous said...

stoppy by for the first time read to quickly, thought you were dropping animals off for the vietnamese and chinese restaurants...i was, well, horrified. glad to see i was wrong! good luck and safe journey.

GrizzBabe said...

Fifteen hours? I hope you stop at least for one night.

Biddie said...

You know, Coffeypot, I think that the dog resue is something that is beyond wonderful and incredible.
Not many people would go out of their way for animals the way that you do.
You rock :)

Cant Hardly Wait said...

I may be slightly confused.

Send me some Mu Gu Gai Pan, please.

coffeypot said...

Grizzbabe, sometimes I stop for a few hours at a motel, it all depends on how I feel. If I get real tired or sleepy I will stop. Otherwise I will take a couple of cat-naps at rest areas along the way.

Biddie, I don't deserve any credit for what I do. I just drive. The work is done by Dr. Amber and Susan, her mighty assistant. She does all the vet work, spaying and neutering, and feeding and stuff. They are the true good folks. I just drive.