Friday, October 16, 2009

15 Reasons Architects & Engineers Can't Be Left Alone

Architects and engineers compete to see whose team can build the most spectacular structure using little more than cans of food at Canstruction, the 13th annual NYC Design and Build competition in New York

All these cans will go to the food bank afterwards.

Scroll down and enjoy.

And Remember:

Happiness keeps You Sweet ,
Trials keep You Strong ,
Sorrows keep You Human ,
Failures keeps You Humble ,
Success keeps You Glowing ,
But Only God keeps You Going


Peggy Sez.. said...

Does God know that the Energizer Bunny stole his line?


I added you to my blogroll..all the sweet talk has gotten to me...LOL!

Olly said...

I liked the hotdog scene the best.

Tracie said...

My son liked these. Now he wants to read the rest of your blog. Probably not.

Coffeypot said...

Peggy, thank you for the compliment of adding me to your roll. I'm not to sure what God knows, we haven't had a good conversation in quiet awhile. It's usually me doing all the talking.

Olly, mine is the cobra and the snoopy one.

Kyslp, probably a wise decision. But tell him thanks, anyway. There are a few other post in my history that he would like, but it might be to time-consuming to try to find them.

Trina said...

Found you from Julie's blog (47 and starting over).

Those are awesome...canscapes. LOL Not enough patience in the world for me to accomplish anything near so amazing.

Anonymous said...

Somebody had to visualize those sculptures in their head, that's amazing.

Biddie said...

That is insane. I love the Snoopy at the end..I can't even connect lego into something cool.