Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time For My Navy Reunion and Other Stuff

I will be off line and only be checking in sporadically the next week (okay…I hear the screaming and clapping and all the joyous ruckus out there - now cut it out.) Judy and I are flying out to California today for 8 days of vacation fun together and three days of fellowship with a bunch of old Navy pals. It is my ship’s reunion being held in San Diego this year.

However, the trip is not without its woes. Well, woes for me. I will be traveling with more pussy than I care to deal with. Let me explain.

Due to some scheduling cancellations and other shit, we are having to fly into Los Angeles’ LAX.

My daughter, Dr Amber, found out we were going to LA and wanted us to help her out. A man here committed suicide. I know…tough, right? Well, this unfortunate dumb ass had two cats that he had imported or something and he loved them very much (though not enough to say alive for, I guess) and his family in California wanted them. For some reason the airlines wouldn’t let Amber ship them as cargo. Something to do with the heat in the cargo hole before take off and stuff. Any meow, they would let them go as carry-on luggage. Sooooo, here is Step-Dad and Mom going exactly where the little shits needed to go. The family paid for the trip and we get to take them.

After the meet-up, we are driving to Long Beach to see my old homeport when I was stationed there. I am looking forward to that.

Then on Tuesday we are driving on down to San Diego where we will be staying here…

I have a board meeting Tuesday afternoon (I have been ask to be the Director of Communication for the organization.) Then we will spend Wednesday in Balboa Park and the Zoo.

The reunion is over Sunday morning and we will drive back up to LA to see a few sites. I want to see the La Bsra Tar Pits and some other tourist traps stuff. Then we will fly back home Monday night, getting into ATL around five in the morning.

So, I will be checking in and maybe even commenting, but not everyday (I don’t think). Any loneliness, I will be thinking about you and missing you guys. So don’t post any good stuff till I get back, okay. Thanks! I knew I could count on you.


Paxford said...

Cats! Cats on a Plane!! - am I guessing that storing them in the overhead locker will be a no-no??

And enjoy your holiday :)


Miss Em said...

Hi Blog-Daddy,

Hope you and Judy don't get asked to leave the plane "Peacefully" because the extra pussies are setting up a lot of Kat-a-hollering. ;~)

Gettin my lap-top back Monday evening. Got to get the info for how to hook up and get Com-Cast to work since I use ATT DSL.
Wish me luck because I need to be bloggin w/pic's agin.

Miss Em.

Momma Fargo said...

Cats..egads! Look at all that pussy! LoL you crack me up. I hope you have a great and wonderful time. Very cool. Don't walk the plank...we expect you back here in 8.1 days. No questions. :)

Matty said...

Enjoy your trip. Look forward to some great pictures of it.

gayle said...

Wish I was going to birth place and life for my first 13 years!! Enjoy your stay!!

Charlene said...

I plan on posting good stuff every day. But never fear any fantastic posts will be in archives.

Hope you enjoy the pussy delivery trip!

Anonymous said...

So....I'm assuming your little home will be empty for a while? Hmmmmmmm. Now if only I can drag Joe's ass away from the television for a few days....

HEY, I just looked at the word verification.....typical of you:


Lickety Splitter said...

Hey, at least post a postcard while you are gone. Show us some kinda love.

Oh yeah, have a great time!

Liz Mays said...

I hope you have a fantastic trip with Judy. Your itinerary sounds pretty great.