Thursday, September 01, 2011

Walmart Theme Song

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Tell me, peeps...why can't I post from YouTube anymore? I've looked through my Foxfire restrictions and see nothing that says, "Stop trying to publish YouTube video's dumb ass."

Any ideas?

Sorry and thank you Suz.  I have to look further.


Suz said...

A friend emailed it to me. I'll send it to you and maybe you can try again?

Maxwell said...

Have you upgraded to the new user interface for Blogger? It's much easier to upload YouTube videos...

Paxford said...

Blogger seems to be doing upgrades on the programs again - and it's going a bit weird for myself and a few others too.

If you do work out the fix - can you write up how (in non-technical terms so I can follow) to do it?


Mike Golch said...

what you could do is what I some times have to do is this,cut and paste the song to notepad than type out a word highlight it than hit the link button and than put the tune in the link window that pops up.

LOLA said...

My followers have disappeared from my sight, but a fellow blogger says she can see them. My amazon links don't work either. My blog is falling apart and so am I.