Sunday, December 18, 2011

Doing My Christmas Thing - Again

(Yes, that's me and I believe the GIECO Gecko from last year.)

Been busy doing my Santa thing at Pet Smart again.

The above picture is from last year when some kid bought this lizard and wanted a Santa picture with it.  No shit, Peeps.  I've have pictures made with bat-shit crazy cats, gold fish, ferrets, a couple of parrots of some kind (big and colorful) and a turtle.

I did make a few pictures of this year, especially one of Judy on my lap, with my phone but I am having trouble sending it to my email.  When I get if fixed I'll post that one, too.

But it's fun and I have not been bitten or attacked...yet.  Pissed and pooped on, scratched and threatened, but not bitten.

The biggest problem is the dumb owners (parents).  Like last Saturday I had this little terrier in my lap who did not want to be there.  I was able to calm him down long enough to get a couple of good pictures, but you can only keep their attenton for so long.  So he started struggling and whining and yelping and I am fighting to hold on to him while his dumb-assed mom just stood there watching us.  The terrier did try to nip my finger and I said, a little loudly for Santa, 'Mom, you have to come get him now.  He's had enough of Santa.'  I felt like throwing a Johnny Unitus pass to the front of the store,'s not the dog's fault.

So I 'Chuck Norris' the mom.  Okay! I didn't, but I sure wanted to.

Anyhohoho, it raises a few bucks for Dr. Amber's rescue and spay and neutering program.  So I guess I can put up with it for another year.

You can help, too, by helping out your area shelters and giving some forever homes to some awesome critters (and hopefully put some of the puppy mills out of business.)

Later, Peeps!


Paxford said...

Looking good there Santa.

Oh and btw....

Dear Santa...

I have been a good Pax this year and I'm still looking for a cowboy of my very own...

Pax :D

Tracie said...

You're a good egg! Maybe I'll send my boys down next year to be your elves.

Suz said...

So did Santa bring the gecko a stocking full of crickets and worms?

Awesome work there. Good on ya!

LOLA said...

You're my favorite Santa. Please send me a nice, unmarried man who loves good grammar.


Gia said...

Hahhah, people get pictures of santa with their PETS??!? Did not know that.

At least its for a good cause!

Not So Simply Single said...

Adorable! Good for you!!!

Happy Holidays, HO HO HO!

NavyOne said...

Hey Shipmate, you are a natural!

AirmanMom said...

You do rock the Santa gig!
You are a good guy, making so many smile...but no worries, it will remain our secret!!!

Beau's Mom said...

It just goes to show you that you should never trust a man in a red suit with a white beard......But I'd sit on your lap!

Momma Fargo said...

I knew you were Santa! There had to be a reason he always wanted the girls on his lap and the boys to stand next to him. LOL

PS Great idea to raise money for a good cause.

j-tony said...

Hey that's great. Not sure I would hold a few of those pets though. You go Santa

dc said...

I thought that was a pez dispenser in your hand.