Sunday, November 27, 2011

Almost Back


Call off the search parties. 

Release the National Guard back to their units.
Pull in the helicopters.

I am back safe and sound.

Actually I haven’t been anywhere as far as being offline goes.  I have check in every night and some during the day.  I just haven’t had time to post anything and have only offered a comment or two on a few of your posts.

Why?  Well if you had been paying attention you would know we were moving during the Thanksgiving weekend.  And now I am able to happily report that, except for a few odd items at the old house, we are now Commerceanites or Commerceians.

And my new Waffle House, unfortunately, is the highest grossing store in the state.  It is packed at all hours of the day and does $2,000 or $3,000 PER SHIFT.  My old WH home was tickled to get $500 on a shift.  So they are too busy to get to know any of them like I did back home.  So I might as well get use to no more hugs and kisses when I enter.  For a while!  I’ll bring’em around eventually.  There is just too much hicky-bate material here to be ignored for too long.

I love it up here, though.  Very quiet and at night I can even see more than 10 stars.  The sky is full of them.  I stopped counting at 3,751,687 stars and an unlimited amount of planes lined up for the ATL airport (over a hundred miles away.)   I have seen deer and turkey and a pack of wild dogs.  Two of the houses on my road have horses and several on the road leading to my road have horses and cows.  Country folks!  And I love it.

I love our basement home, too.  Everything fits into place and is cozy.  Not all spread out like in the old home.  Though I never realized how many books I have.  Two hugh book shelves are full and there is still a box or two with more.  I think I am gonna go through them and donate the rest to the local library or school.  Anymove, as soon as I get a few things fixed with the land lines, we will be all set. 

Everything is right in my world.   UGA beat the honey out of the GA Tech Yellow Jackets, the Flacons are in the process of pillaging the Vikings and Tony Stewart won the NASCAR Championship.  Now jJust let me get a few more boxes unpacked and some stuff done at the old house and I will be back with more of my mind numbing material. 

And thanks for hanging in there.

You are my peeps!


Unknown said...

Glad you're enjoying it! Now put your feet up and get some relaxing done.

Paxford said...

Good to have you back! And the new home sounds amazing :)


Ragtop lady said...

Glad you got moved ok - hated to see you go so far tho - now it will be an all day trip to Atlanta, or for that matter to see those grandkids - and Yeah - Tony - was so happy to see him win !!!
Enjoy your new home-

Janie Junebug said...

The Waffle House near my house went out of business. I guess you have to be glad you have a Waffle House that's open. I never ate at the one here. It looked too skanky even for me.


Coffeypot said...

Suz, the feet up thing will come soon.

Pax, glad to be back and it is great, if not amazing.

Ragtop Lady, SOOOO Good to see you back here again. I'm still a phone call soon as I get the land lines fixed. My cell reeks havoc from the basement.

LOLA, the WH server told me they were asking for another WH close by. There was on across I-85, but the closed it because she said it was a whore-house. I slapped the table and told her I'm always late for everything. She walked off.

Marnie said...

I now want to own a Waffle House! Enjoy!

The Reckmonster said...

Rock on to the 'Dawgs! And glad that you're settling into your new digs! I like living out in the country (I NEVER in a million years imagined myself ever saying that out loud!) - it is just so much more peaceful.


So...we're not to think of meeting you at the mansion in Woodstock, but to find you behind a pack of wild dogs and turkeys....sounds doable. Wild Turkey: get it? heh heh

Have you sold your estate? Howard Hughes is dead ya know. Maybe Oprah would like to live in Woodstock.

Momma Fargo said...

Hooray for you! Glad to hear it.

PAPS said...

Hope you have a nice time in your new house and it be filled with lots and lots of love.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I know you're glad that is over with....can you post some pictures? No....not those.....ones of the house. lol
Enjoy your new digs, you'd be an asset to any community. Big hugs.

Unknown said...

Congrats on getting settled in!
I am certain you charm, will win you a hug or two in no time from the WH crew!

Anonymous said...

"except for a few odd items at the old house"

I was going to say I assume Judy is going to take you to the new house eventually, but after today's post I don't blame her if she leaves you at the old house!
Love ya,